Heat Fix Glitter Silver

$5.00 AUD
Approx $3.27 USD per 10cm

Ordering: Qty 1 = 10cm, to order 1mt = Qty 10
Weight: 235gsm
Width: 100cm
Composition: 100% Polyester


Stretchable Glitter on hot melt adhesive.

Can be cut in any shape, then heat transferred to any fabric.

1. Cut design

2. Set iron to cotton/linen setting - needs to be approx 350 degrees

3. Place your design on the desired area of costume or garment

4. Place a piece of paper or cotton fabric over the glitter shape.

5. Place iron on the covering/protective paper/fabric  for approx 3-5 seconds. Lift up paper and check if shape has transferred.

6. DO NOT put iron directly on the glitter shape or LYCRA® and SPANDEX fabrics

Some fabrics are more sensitive than others, so they will need less heat time.

Always test on a scrap first.