How To Order

Our new website has a slightly different way to order fabrics.  We have tried to make this as easy as possible, but understand that it will take a little time to get used to the new way of ordering your fabrics.  We sell our fabrics in 10cm incriments to allow customers to purchase only what they need to create their costumes or garments. This way you don't need to purchase more than you actually require and save on costs and wastage.

Ordering  1  equates to 10cm
Ordering 10 equates to 1mt

Needing 1.8mts of a fabric, you will need to order 18
Needing 3mts of a fabric, you will need to order 30
Needing 40cm of a fabric, you will need to order 4
(The total you are charged in your cart, will give you an idea if you have ordered the correct quantity of fabric)

If you have any problems, please call us and one of our "Glitter Team" members will step you through the process.